On Your Feet: Why You Should Walk When Traveling

Before the invention of moving wheeled vehicles or flying objects, there were walking feet. For centuries, transporting oneself from point 1 to point 2 was nothing but foot-driven. When you walk as a way of traveling, you see everything around you more closely.

Wandering feet can get you to places where no taxis, trains, or planes can. But when you’re on vacation and don’t have much time to spend in certain areas, the practical thing to do would be to skip walking altogether. You probably want to get the most out of your holiday and see as many sights as you can while there, so it’s best to choose a faster mode of transport than your feet.

But if you plan on staying long and have sufficient time to immerse in the daily humdrum of the local scene, being on your feet will give you a much more meaningful experience. Here’s why walking is fun-tastic when traveling.

Say Goodbye to Luggage

This is specifically for extra body luggage. When you’re traveling, the brain somehow automatically turns off the fitness engine. It’s common for most people to let things slide and allow months of hard work go down the drain when on vacation mode. The greedy giant takes over. If you don’t want saddlebags weighing down your thighs or your hips or your belly by the time you get home, then start saying goodbye to luggage-forming habits and say hello to walking.

Early mornings are usually the best time to walk anywhere in the world. You’ll get to see the beauty of the place in natural light. And often there won’t be too many people on the streets in the morning, so you can take your time and don’t feel the need to rush. Later afternoons work also, but it all depends on which one you’re more comfortable with or the time when you feel most active.

Make sure to pack a reliable pair of walking shoes every time you travel. This also applies to travel for business. You’ll never know the type of surface you’ll be walking into, so it’s best to have shoes that give you comfort and protection.

As for extra protection, you also want to include knee support bands like muscle tapes on your packing list. Being on your feet for long may strain your knees or pull a muscle somewhere. It’s better to be prepared for any type of injury now than to be sorry later.

Makes You Feel More Connected

When you’re on your feet, time usually passes by slower. You feel more grounded and experience the reality of the place you’re in through your senses. Your mind becomes one with the body, and in turn, you notice everything around you in a much heightened and active state. You become attuned to both your surroundings and your inner being.

If you’re not used to walking or you haven’t been in good shape for quite some time, you may experience mild discomfort during the first few days. Your body will go through detoxification and perform other processes that it hasn’t done in a long time.

You’ll probably sweat like crazy and feel shortness of breath after a few meters of walking. But fret not because it does get easier with every step you take. You’ll be surprised by how far your feet can actually take you once you’ve committed to walking.

Cuts Down Your Expenses Substantially

When you go on trips, it’s usually the transporting expenses that eat up most of your budget. Getting a cab back home may not cost the same in Europe or Asia or any other continent, for that matter. It’s safer to expect that it will cost you more. There’s also food, accommodation, and amusement to factor in during your stay.

If you don’t want your budget to blow up, you can significantly cut down on expenses if you go on foot. More than cost, walking gives you a chance to meet and have conversations with the locals. If you turn on the charm machine and talk to them, they can give you tips on the places you can go to without having to spend that much.

Gives You Better Sleep

Walking is your best ally for sleeping. When you’re in ‘active mode’ the whole day or night, you’re actually preparing your body and mind better for bed. Because you feel tired, you’re allowing your brain to switch to relax mode much quicker.

Also, when you’re in a new place, you’re definitely out of your comfort zone. This can be stressful for most, and a lot of times, it can open the pathways for anxieties if not managed well. When you walk, the tendency is that you also flush out all the stress-causing thoughts along the way, clearing up more space in your mind for calmness and tranquility.


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