What Travellers Want in a Hotel- the 2021 Ultimate Guide

While hotels worldwide look forward to improving their revenue and creating long-lasting relationships with their guests, especially post COVID-19, they often miss some vital aspects. Before figuring out what guests want when they awaken to a new world, hoteliers first need to know who they are and their top priorities for driving decision-making.


This consideration has come into light owing to the disruption caused to businesses, especially the travel and hospitality industry. While the industry is still facing the pandemic, industries are combating the economic shutdown consequences.

What’s good is that the new realities are here to stay, and the hospitality sector is playing its best cards to evolve itself to keep up with changing digital trends. Also, they are making the most of their personalized guest experiences.

As a part of hotel initiatives, travelers reveal what they look forward to when eyeing a hotel. After all, diving deep into customers’ expectations will help hotels adapt themselves to suit the changing times and make them more appealing to people who stay with you. Travelers- no matter old or young, wish to see that the hotel they’re eyeing stays in sync with some qualities.

As per the 2020 J.D. Power North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, guests rank communication and cleanliness as the most critical factors for meeting guest expectations.

While choosing a hotel, you as a business traveler always want your stay to be easy. After all, you have no time to deal with minor inconveniences. Therefore, you expect hotels to operate on two keywords- functional and fluid.

With fluid, you as a guest wish that every step of the experience from booking right to the checkout is easy and convenient. On the other hand, functioning means dotting the I’s and crossing off the T’s of the hotel amenities.

Also, work isn’t what you as a business traveler wish to undertake during your business hours. Rest and rejuvenation are other things that matter the most during this time. Some things that you as a business traveler keep in mind before choosing a hotel are:

  • Seamless Communication:

Hotels must attain laurels in bringing the new era of speed and connectivity for their guests. Business travelers always wish to book a hotel that provides the opportunities of making voice and video calls with complete ease. After all, nobody wishes to undergo disruptions in their professional work, especially if network issues at a hotel are a reason. Thus, having a top-notch internet connection holds paramount importance for guests while choosing a hotel.

With the changing times, hotels, too, are taking advantage of the technological trends by introducing intelligent speakers, smart thermostats, and smart locks- all thanks to modern technology.

  • App-based Customer Service:

While looking for a hotel, you as a guest always prefer the hotels that have apps for simplifying your life. Guests want hotels to be upgraded to recent hospitality industry trends, as seen by the industry’s most cutting-edge tech leaders at Operto Guest Technologies suggest.

You wish to experience the ease of preferred check-in times, housekeeping preferences, want to enter their room with a digital key, and unwind using Headspace meditations, and much more.

  • Transportation:

Business travelers always see if the hotel is close to major business hubs, city centers, and conference spaces. Now that guests want to keep safe, especially post COVID-19, hotels can adapt to the ever-changing hospitality industry trends by expanding their transportation options and convenience.

In fact, as per a recent report by D-EDGE, around 45% of business travelers take delight in a transportation service from the hotel itself.

The Bottom Line

Business travelers always look for a hotel that’s capable of meeting their work needs. Thus, if a hotel is proactive in meeting their exact needs and has ideas for quickly acting upon and coming up with an execution plan, then it’s a thumbs up for guests.

What other things do you expect from a hotel for attaining excellence in travel? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Up next, discover even more ways to provide hotel guests with a memorable customer experience.


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