What to do when the weather surprises us on the yacht?

Sailing is usually associated with relaxation and lounging in the surroundings of luxury and beautiful views. This is a very pleasant vision, which most often coincides with reality, but it happens that the weather plays tricks on us! How to behave then and what to do to ensure the safety of everyone on the yacht? The Yachtic crew has some basic rules for you, thanks to which you will avoid unnecessary adventures during your dream cruise.


Checking forecasts
The best way to avoid being surprised by a storm, for example, is to check the weather and get know the conditions in the waters where you intend to sail. You should never underestimate bad predictions. When going for yachting, you should have some insight into the weather in a particular region. Before departure, the internet and radio forecasts help check the weather. If you are going on a long cruise, keep in mind that the weather likes to change dynamically, so it’s good to keep your finger on the pulse, especially when you feel disturbing symptoms.

Crew behavior
No matter if you are sailing with a rented skipper or alone, the crew must know the basic safety rules on a yacht. To avoid unnecessary panic when a strong wind breaks and waves break with it, everyone on the yacht should know how to properly navigate the deck, what to do when someone falls overboard, and how to behave when the yacht dumps. The captain must be informed of the qualifications of each crew member to reasonably react in the event of any emergency.

Survival of the storm
When a weather breakdown catches you during a yacht cruise, you need to quickly decide where to shelter your unit. Knowing the technical condition of the yacht, you can assess whether it will survive worse conditions outside the port. Entering the port seems to be the best solution, however, remember that it is much more difficult during a stormy weather, and your yacht will not be the only one planning to moor in a safe harbor. In addition, the threat in this case is the proximity of other vessels or even a concrete wharf. Before entering, prepare properly for all maneuvers, carefully check the space available for mooring and exercise extreme caution.

While sailing on a yacht you must be ready for anything. The storm sounds terrible, and there is no sailor who remembers this experience well, but you don’t have to be too scared. By applying basic security measures, we significantly increase your chances of getting out of this situation without any problem. See you later on the yacht!


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