Experience the Adrenaline Rush with Las Vegas Adventure Activities

When most people hear of Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to their minds is clubs, casinos, and larger-than-life experiences. But, what they don’t think of or probably miss upon are the great outdoors.

And, believe that it’s a shame. Because Las Vegas is the smack-dab amidst the great outdoors, you surely don’t want to miss hiking. Or mountain biking or rock climbing?

You’ll be surprised to know that adventure lovers live in Las Vegas for this very reason. You can even go kayaking, zip-lining, or snowboarding. Or off-roading, hiking, and skydiving. There’s so much in Las Vegas to satisfy your wanderlust.

Still, waiting for the best bit? Well, read on the below recommendations to discover what Las Vegas holds for adventure freaks. Let’s get started:

  • Jump off from the Stratosphere Tower:

One of the tallest structures in the western USA is the three-legged Stratosphere Tower. It Soares 350 meters above the Strip. You’ll be amazed to zoom up the tower’s high-speed elevators at a minute’s ear-popping ride. Then, at night, you’ll see the dizzying views of the Strip. Yes, it’s the neon lights that flash at night.

Now grab a jumpsuit and get a quick safety lesson to walk yourself along with the aerial platform. Then, with heart-pounding over your throat, take a step over the edge for a controlled free-fall. The fall is accurate as it is over 100 stories to the ground. You can also experience the SkyJump attraction any day of the week but be cautious of the weather.

  • Valley of Fire Hiking:

Valley of Fire
Do you wish to explore the classic southwestern desert scenery? You surely cannot miss driving to the northeast of the Valley of Fire state park. Exploring through, you’ll find bizarre rock formations with names like Arch Rock, Mouse’s Tank, and White Domes scattered across the desert landscape.

Looking closely, you’ll discover some inscribed rocks with ancient American petroglyphs.

Know that mornings and evenings are the perfect and most magical times to hike. Also, don’t forget to photograph the natural landscape, which is sure to bring a sigh of relief when you’re just too tired of those artificial casinos.

The park is open 24 hours a day, and the admission fee is $10 per car.

  • Las Vegas ATV Tour:

Are you ready to get all the desert dirty? It would help if you had hands-on orientation and a series of laps on the practice track with Las Vegas UTV Rentals to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Know that the tour is around 30 minutes to 60 minutes long.

Each tour has a limit to 10 vehicles or less for a high-quality yet personalized experience. Do you fear rolling over in the desert dunes? Well, stress not, as a professional and certified “Dunie” tour guide will ensure bestowing a fantastic time. You can also take those memories home like the professional’s capture moments with photos of your group.

  • Kayaking the Colorado River:

The Colorado river splits over the Hoover Dam after carving its way through the Grand Canyons. Know that it is a 40-minute drive from the Strip. After touring through the dam, you’ll see gigantic generators.

Visit the popular day trip, and you’ll never deny this being your most favourite. Also, most tourists don’t see the dam from the bottom up. Instead, several tours launch below the massive dam. Then, you paddle downstream through the river canyon to later stop for a hike to those mind-blowing hot springs.

  • Riding a Helicopter to the Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon
One of the USA’s most significant yet signature natural attractions is the Grand Canyon. This multicolored chasm measures a mile deep.

There’s no better way to appreciate the scope of the Canyon range than from the air- a window seat, to be precise.

If thrill excites you, then ensure a dramatic landing inside the canyon to relish the market at the sheer cliffs. It’ll come as a surprise to you that the rangers have nothing but water.

  • Golfing at the Angel Park:

Are you a golf enthusiast? If yes, then Las Vegas is a perfect place for you to visit to keep the game on. The award-winning courses help keep the golfers busy all around the year with long waiting lists, a snobby atmosphere, and exorbitant fees.

The locals are in extreme love with Angel Park as it has 36 holes designed by legend Arnold Palmer that offers vistas of the Las Vegas Valley. During the night, the fast-playing Cloud Nine is floodlit. Thus, it is an excellent option, especially during summer dog days.

Don’t forget tea reservations. Also, inquire about the dress code well in advance!

  • Cycling Around the Rock Canyon:

Does wildlife watch pique your interest? If yes, then a 30-minute west Strip drive to the technicolor natural area is undoubtedly worth giving a shot. There are seasonal waterfall oases, sandstone bluffs, and desert hiking trails that are sure to help you dwell in tranquillity.

Just climb on the bicycle to tour the 13-mile memorable scenic drive. You can also rent a bike from Las Vegas Cyclery, which is located on the outskirts of the town. Or, maybe sign up for a cycling canyon tour that includes a shuttle service from $110 per head for a half-day.

  • Zip-lining in Bootleg Canyon

Downtown Las Vegas has its own zip-line, which you can find on the Fremont Street Experience. However, for the biggest ever thrills, heading out of town to the great outdoors of Bootleg Canyon is a fantastic option.

Ride up the mountain for a short hike to let yourself be strapped into the paragliding harness. You can also take off a 50mph downhill on the zip-lines. The flight lines are usually open from 7 am to 6pm daily. All you need is nice weather and some reservations.

  • Cruising on Lake Mead, Nevada:

Lake Mead is one of the best artificial lakes created up the Colorado River in the 1930s. Today, this lake is an oasis located in the middle of a desert outside of Vegas.

Despite the scientific predictions and dropping water levels, the lake has 50% forecasts of drying up. However, there is still a playground for swimming and boating during the summer.

Lake Mead Cruises take you on the giant paddle-wheel boat that’s sure to recall the Mississippi River vessels back in the 19th century. The scenic sunset cruises run from April to October that cost twice as much.

The Verdict- Find New Possibilities

Experience a different Las Vegas side and get outside on your next visit. And, why not? Las Vegas is much more than casinos.

Also, don’t forget to be mindful of your surroundings and ensure keeping your distance, wearing the mandatory face coverings, and washing your hands.

Be #VegasSmart!


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