Vape on a Plane: Airport Security Tips for Traveling with E-Cigs and E-Gadgets

Vapers who regularly fly interstate and international often find getting through airport security difficult. Where are you supposed to store your vaporizer? What about your e-liquid? Is there a limit on how much of the latter you can take with you? Read on for some tips on how to take your vape equipment on a smooth ride through airport security.

The Terrain

Airports generally share a similar set of policies regarding e-cigs. Most will allow you to carry your personal vaporizer (PV) on board, although the  Federal Aviation Association (FAA) recently prohibited e-cigs and other spare lithium-ion batteries from being kept in checked baggage.

It’s always best to check beforehand. Keep abreast of TSA and FAA regulations as they’re updated. The TSA’s only restriction is that your e-liquid must not be greater than 100ml in carry-on bags. These bags have to be clear plastic, zip-locked bags and should be labeled to avoid any confusion. Smaller, 30ml bottles like those by bad drip labs eliquid might make more sense to carry-on. Things like dab pens cannot be in your checked luggage they need to be in your carry on bag.

You don’t have to declare your e-liquid for inspection at the checkpoint. Batteries and chargers should be packed with other electronics (e.g. in a laptop case) and the battery should be disconnected from the battery charger. If your alarm sounds you’ll have to hand it to a TSA offer, and hopefully, you’ll be able to describe what it is and reassemble it on the plane.

Where To Vape

Airports have different rules for smoking in the airport. Some have indoor smoking areas for both smokers and vapors, like Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International in Georgia or in Munich Airport. Others may have a ban but be flexible about enforcing it on vapers. Others explicitly allow vaping. Make sure you ask if vapor smoking is allowed on board, as alarms may detect it in certain places and cause problems for everyone on board.

Airport by Airport

Many major airports are vape-friendly, allowing smoking areas or wider indoor use. International ones include those in Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Budapest, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Melbourne, Nice, Vienna, and Warsaw. US ones include Chicago (O’Hare Int’l and Midway Int’l Airport), LA, Miami, Minneapolis (St. Paul Int’l Airport), Philadelphia, San Francisco, Tampa, Vegas (McCarran) and Washington (Dulles Int’l and Ronald Reagan Washington Nat’l Airport).

Beware: vaping is banned in a number of countries, some of which may surprise you. Always make sure to check the legal status before visiting. Vaping is illegal in Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, the UAE, and Singapore. Here is another good reference to places where vaping is prohibited: https://e-cigaretteuk.org.uk/countries-that-banned-vaping/

Thankfully, the increasing popularity and exposure of vaping is changing more airport’s policy, making them accustomed to seeing PVs and e-juice. Just always make sure to check the rules, and enjoy vaping!



  1. This will be really useful for any traveling vaper who doesn’t want to risk confiscation of their e-cig. Some of this information came as a surprise, such as the smoking/vaping sections still present in some airports. Great post!

  2. Passengers are allowed to carry e-cigarettes with them onto planes, but must power them off, and are not allowed to charge their batteries during flight, or pack them in checked baggage.

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