Why Your Kids Might Enjoy The Journey More Than The Destination Of Your Next Vacation

Have you noticed how kids just love trains, planes, and cars? They love taking rides on anything that moves. And all parents know just how bored and irritable they can get when they’re just sitting still. This is why kids love going places even more than the things they can do when they get there. So why not make your next vacation all about moving and transport? They’re sure to love it!

You could start your family vacation at your front door. The kids have been in your car countless times, and it’s just not novel and fun anymore. So why not find a different way to get to the airport? Lots of people travel by bus to catch their flight because it also works out cheaper than the long stay parking charges. You’ll also be dropped off right at the terminal door. Best of all, you can start your vacation right away because you don’t have to do any of the driving.

Kids love buses, especially when they take them somewhere new. Perhaps it’s the elevated position looking down on all the cars. It probably reminds them of how things look when they’re playing with their toy vehicles. There is often more room on a bus too. The kids can stretch out a bit and get comfortable. So can the grown-ups. Catch up on your reading, or watch that movie you’ve been waiting to get time for.

Even if they’ve been on a flight before, everything aboard a plane is still novel and exciting for them. The take off probably feels incredible for them, rather than the white knuckle ride you experience. And the chance to look down and see everything become smaller and smaller is a lot of fun. They’ll love imagining the plane sat on a cloud. And there is plenty of entertainment for them too. They’ll even enjoy the little trays with their dinner on!

When you arrive at your destination, you might be met by a mini bus or even a limousine to take you to your hotel. Why not find excursions that involve even more modes of transport? A train ride here and a tram ride there. Perhaps you can find a cliff lift down at the beach? Or maybe a pedalo on the lake? Perhaps you can all try kayaking down at the local river? Bicycle rides, go-karting, cable cars, and even bumper cars are all great things for the family to do.

Kids love to be moving. And they often prefer to be active if they have a chance. So why not combine lots of different rides as part of your vacation? You might spend a day in a theme park for thrills on the roller coasters. Or you might try a pony trek through the forest. There are so many different things you can do. And they’re all pretty good fun for all ages. Best of all, they will make your vacation one of the most fun-filled and memorable breaks away that your family has had.

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