Tips to Choose The Best Frequent Flyer Program

Tips to Choose The Best Frequent Flyer Program
There are more frequent flyer programs than suitcases at the carousel. That is exactly what makes it a daunting task to choose the right frequent flyer program!

Undoubtedly, the world of frequent flyer programs brings a mind-boggling array of options for flyers. It is really hard to select one that would best meet your lifestyle and travelling habits.

Many travellers will attest to the value of flyer points. Joining the best program to fully maximize your rewards earning potential puts you on the right and fast track to avail benefits like heavily discounted flights, upgrades, and others.

While you may find some differences in different frequent flyer programs, all of them are majorly focused on earning reward points as well as status credit accrual. Not to mention, you use a variety of ways to earn flyer points. This may include shopping, credit card programs, car hire, restaurant bookings and of course flying.

Thus, it is imperative to make your decision wisely and to help you out with that, here are some tips to choose the best frequent flyer program to meet your lifestyle.


The foremost tip in selecting the best flyer program is to make an educated guess; how often do you actually fly! The aim is to maximize the reward so if you are a frequent traveller, select the most flexible frequent flyer program.

This will help you move the membership tiers instantly while earning more rewards during the process. However, if you find yourself at the lower end of the scale, having an average number of trips each year, you should seek out a reward program that would let you boost points balance through various means.


Another consideration is to think about the airline you prefer to fly most with. Along these lines, also think about the locations you fly to the most. This information will help you in selecting the best frequent flyer program.

In addition to that, also consider partner airlines. For instance, Qantas partners with around 35 airlines. When you know this information about partners and know the points you can earn with every partner ticket, you will earn points regardless where you fly.


The important consideration missed out by many travellers is the expiry of the program. Many people save points for larger benefits, requiring more points such as expensive products or flights. So if you are not a frequent traveller and think that it will take some time to avail enough points for your desired reward, go with the flyer program that comes without point expiry and lets you extend the points.

This will help you in retaining your points for longer without the urge of redeeming it at the earliest.

With all of these, it is also very important to know the ins and out of each frequent flyer program. For this, you can take the assistance of advisors by becoming a member of a single platform, offering travel related services through various rewards points program such as pointsbank.com.au.

This will help you get the industry know-how while selecting the best possible deal for the lifestyle!


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