How to survive travelling as a couple

What could be more romantic that travelling the world with the person you love the most? They do it all the time in the movies, right? Think about it: romantic sunsets, beach parties, breathtaking views and once in a lifetime experiences…surely travelling is made for two, isn’t it? There are plenty of romantic destinations too, from the Bahamas to the Maldives and not forgetting Paris and even Niagara Falls – discover the Niagara Falls Marriott hotel here by clicking the link –but is travelling as a couple really all love hearts and rainbows?  

Many couples have found that travelling the world has put their relationship to the test and often put them in a make or break situation. So, is there anything you can do to make travelling as a couple work? 

Read on for some helpful tips! 

Try to compromise 

Your partner might have their heart set on a bungee jump while you have plans to see some world famous architecture. Travelling together is all about compromise and remembering that there are two people on this trip not just one. Sometimes one of you might have to sacrifice something you want to do at one point in the trip, but then you’ll have the opportunity to do something else at a later point. What’s more – if you’re persuaded to try a bungee jump – then at least it’s a chance to push each other out of your comfort zones and bring you closer together.  

Laugh. A lot. 

You’ve missed the last bus back to the town, you’re completely lost and now it’s started to rain. You might want to scream and blame your partner but it’s much better to just laugh. Getting angry and upset with each other, won’t solve any of the issues – so just roll with it and try to laugh as much as possible. It’s an adventure after all! So what you accidentally ordered the cows brains at the street market, instead of getting frustrated, have a giggle and revel in the fact you’ll have some amazing stories to tell when you get back home.  

Plan your finances  

Just like at home, couples who travel find many of their arguments stem from money. This all comes down to planning. Make sure you both have the same budget to play with and that you’re open and honest with your travel budget. If you have extra money in your travel kitty, then make sure you have a chat about how it should be spent.  

Have some time apart 

Travelling can be pretty intense, especially if you’re travelling with someone you love. The best piece of advice for travelling couples is to take some time apart from each other. This might mean you head to a local spa and enjoy a massage, while your partner heads into the town to enjoy some quiet time reading a book in a café. Time apart gives you both chance to breathe and when you come back together at the end of the day, you’ll have plenty to talk about!  


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