6 Mind-Blowing Reasons to Pay a Visit to Japan

Japan is an island located in the Pacific Ocean in East Asia. Apart from being the birthplace of sushi, Japan is famous for so many other things such as its polite people, forests, intricate gardens, culture and history, calligraphy, food, cherry blossom trees, and much more. It’s no wonder why Japan gets an annual of 3 million tourists to visit the country annually. In today’s article, we’ve provided you with 6 great reasons why you should pay a visit to Japan on your next vacation.
Kinkakuji temple in Kyoto Japan

1. Bask in a Forest 

We’ve all heard of basking under the sun; it’s way too common. But what about making your way into a lush green forest and admiring the earthly beauty that Mother Nature has to predispose? According to numerous Japanese studies, spending time in the forest helps strengthen the immune system, reduces stress hormones, and even assists in lowering blood glucose levels

2. Fluffy Fun 

Japan is not only home to Mount Fuji, but to the fluffiest snow on planet Earth. This will be the ideal place to vacation to if you are a lower of snow sports. It’s reported that during the winter season, resorts like Hokkaido receive up to 17m of this soft powder. If you’re searching for details on getting a visa to Japan, visit this site now https://www.japan-visa.net.
3. Safe for Travel 

Japan is a very clean country; every hotel room and every dining table in a restaurant is as clean as can be. However, apart from being spick-and-spam, Japan is a super safe country to travel to. The crime rate in Japan is most probably low due to the reduced availability of firearms and immense focus put on preventing crime in the country.

4. Kawaii is Everywhere 

Who doesn’t love cute things? Japan is renowned for its ‘kawaii’ culture, which goes to mean cute in Japanese. Before you step into Japan, make sure to expect everything from food, clothes, public transport, school stationery, and whatever else to be cute. Almost everything is incorporated into this culture of cuteness. Amazingly, even adults don’t shy out from showing their love of adorable toys and anime. 

5. Food to Remember 

Japan is well known for its great traditional and savory dishes. Being birthplace of sushi, Japan has other dishes that its famous for such as ramen, tempura, miso soup, kare raisushabu shabu, and much more. Don’t forget the intricate and creative desserts Japan is famous for such as the water cake and mochi. Not to mention Bento – cute, but nutritious meals you can take on the go.

6. Immerse in the Culture and History 

Japanese culture is so inspiring and distinct from other nations. This is because Japan has long been an isolated nation which prevented other nations from adulterating its culture. This goes to prove how Japanese culture such as their attire (kimonos), food, architecture, festivals, etc. are unique from that of other countries. There is so much to learn from Japanese history as well. 


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