Why You Really Do Need to Buy Travel Insurance

Insurance is a necessary thing for all aspects of life, there are a few types of insurance everyone should have to ensure they are safe and protected, especially if certain situations put them in the position of getting in trouble. Insurance can protect you from all sorts of things such as fraud, theft, burglary, malpractice, and can save you from a lot of hefty fees overseas as well. And that is where we will talk about traveling. Traveling is exciting and fun. It is all too easy to get wrapped up in planning sightseeing and end up forgetting something important like buying good quality travel health insurance. Potentially, you could travel without a policy, but, as you will see, it really is not wise to do so.

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The unexpected happens more than you think

You have only got to watch the news to know that things can easily go wrong. Virtually every week you will see stories about natural disasters, local unrest, travel firms going bust, medical emergencies and serious accidents. According to the US Travel Insurance Association (USTIA), 17% of US travelers experience some sort of disruption to their travel plans.

Nobody wants to experience any of these issues when they travel. But, the reality is that these things can happen to anyone at any time. Buying the right travel insurance will help to reduce the negative impact crises like this have on you.

Covering the cost yourself can be very expensive

Sadly, if something does go wrong, it can work out very expensive to sort things out. For example, the cost of an uninsured medical evacuation can easily work out at $50,000, sometimes more. If you have to travel a long distance in an air ambulance with a nurse in attendance you can end up having to pay as much as $100,000.

Covering such an enormous cost, plus other medical bills can be life-changing. Potentially, not buying travel insurance can leave you deep in debt for many years.

In some countries, spending just one night in a hospital can cost you hundreds of dollars. So, your medical condition does not necessarily have to be particularly serious to leave you with big bills to pay.

Peace of mind

Having the right level of travel insurance cover brings peace of mind. Knowing that if something goes wrong you will not be stranded or have to sleep on the floor of the airport can make it easier for you to enjoy your break.

Being able to continue with your holiday regardless

Most of us really look forward to our holidays. It is the one time of the year we can get away and spend some time relaxing with our friends and family. So, being able to continue with your holiday if your flights are canceled or your luggage is lost is very welcome.

The ability to get home when you should

For most of us, getting home on time is important too. If your airline goes bust your employer is probably going to be understanding about your arriving home a day or two late. But, if that delay turns into a week or more because you have not got travel insurance they are going to be annoyed. Plus, of course, they are not likely to pay you during your unplanned absence. Most families cannot afford to lose a week or two of income.

As you can see shelling out for travel insurance really is worth doing. All you need to do now is to choose the right policy for your trip. It is not hard to find the information you need, online. But, you need to get this advice from a truly independent source. Articles written by newspaper travel writers are usually a good source of impartial advice, so it is a good idea to start with those.


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