How to avoid making these mistakes at the airport

They say that the time you spend at the airport should be the point from where your adventures begin. However, with airports being so stressful, time consuming and utterly exhausting, it’s not always easy to agree. 

There are plenty of ways you can make your time at the airport less than easy, like ignoring a custom danger sign and even making jokes about who packed your bag at check in. Here you’ll find a range of mistakes people make when they’re at the airport and how you can avoid them. 

Not giving yourself enough time 

Quite possibly the most common – but equally avoidable – mistake that people who travel make. Not allowing yourself enough time to get to the airport and subsequently, get through all the different zones in time to catch your flight. Not only will you be stressed and irritable throughout the whole process, but you’ll start your adventures off on the wrong foot. Airport delays, bad traffic, slow moving security lines…nightmare!  

The answer is simple, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to get there. And allow extra time for things like traffic and queues.  

Not checking the carryon restrictions 

Airport security is tight. And there’s nothing worse than everyone being held up by someone who’s packed some scissors and huge bottle of water in their bag…especially when it’s you that’s causing the hold up!  

The answer is simple. Make sure that you do plenty of research about what is permitted through security and make sure you go through your carry on bag before you head to security to ensure nothing has gotten in there that shouldn’t by mistake. 

Not organising airport transport in advance 

You might think that you’ll simply order a cab on the day, or you’ll ask a friend to drive you down. But this is a big mistake. Relying on an on-demand taxi service or a friend that could no longer help for a variety of reasons is a sure fire way to feel anxious, stressed and potentially miss your flight. 

Avoid this error by booking your transport well in advance. And call the night before to ensure your booking is still on their system. Sorting your airport transport means you have one less thing to worry about! 

Drinking too much 

You’re heading off on your travels so of course you want to start the celebrations early! Relaxing in the departure lounge with a tall glass of something cold sounds perfect. However, drinking too much before your flight is a big mistake. When you’re in the airport you need to have your wits about you in case of new information about your flight, a sudden change or a delay. You might lose track of time while you’re enjoying yourself in the bar and you won’t be able to use the bathroom until you’re up in the air. 

The solution is simple – just have a little restraint. There will be plenty of time to drink and celebrate your travels when you reach your destination!  


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