6 items you’ll need to travel the world

Speak to any experienced traveller and they’ll tell you that it can take months or even years to come up with an essential packing list. If you’re planning your own trip then you might be concerned about travelling with too much, or even too little! What should you prioritise? And what items will make life a little easier while you’re out there? Well, we’re here to help! Read on for 6 items you’ll need to travel the world. 


Sun protection 

Sun protection when travelling is a serious business. Prolonged periods in the intense sun and no protection is simply asking for trouble. So, make sure you have a suitable hat, sunblock with a high factor and of course a good pair of sunglasses, if you’re a glasses wearer then check out these Transitions lenses from Eye Buy Direct, so you can have the best of both worlds! These will help keep your eyes protected from the sun’s rays, but also not compromise your vision! Also make sure you take regular breaks from the sun and drink plenty of water throughout each day.  

A reusable cotton bag 

These are so versatile that once you’ve used one on your travels, you’ll never leave home without one again! Cotton bags are great because they fold up small and don’t take up much room, they also don’t break like traditional plastic bags and they’re better for the environment. Use your cotton bag to store your dirty laundry, use it to go shopping, take it to the beach, out for a picnic, or just carrying miscellaneous items.  

Travel comforts 

These really are essential, especially on those long haul flights. Get yourself a travel pillow, a couple of sets of earplugs and an eye mask. You’ll find that they all come in handy, especially if you end up sleeping near someone who snores with the velocity of a jet engine at the hostel… 

Duct tape 

Packing a reel of duct tape might seem a little odd but trust me – you’re going to be so glad you did. Perfect for sticking up a makeshift washing line, holding your rucksack together, fixing broken handles, holding the shower curtain up – whatever you need to hold in place you can rely on your duct tape! 

A padlock or two 

Padlocks are great for keeping your belongings safe. You might have a locker at your hostel, but it might not have an adequate lock, so that’s when your padlock comes in handy. Ideal for keeping your phone, passport, camera or sweets perfectly secure. Just don’t lose the key! 

A first aid kit 

You don’t need a huge supply of first aid items, but the basics will certainly cover any minor issue. Anything can happen while you’re out there and it’s a good feeling if you can help someone else who’s hurt themselves. A sterile bandage, gauze, plasters, antiseptic creams, pain killers, diarrhoea tablets, rehydration medicines, and antihistamines, all these should fit into your backpack without taking up too much room, try and keep them in a separate box or foldable wallet.  




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