How Do I Get My Maryland Boating License?

To drive a boat, it is safe and also necessary that you get an official license. Every state has its own set of laws and regulations that need to be strictly followed by every citizen who drives a boat or wants to drive a boat within the premises of that specific state. Similarly, you must be licensed to drive a boat in Maryland. Do you want to know how to get licensed and certified?

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How to Become an Officially Licensed Boater?

To get a license for boating and to become a certified boater, you need to take a boater safety education course. Having a proper amount of adequate knowledge is very important before getting your hands on anything.

In the same way, you must have a complete understanding of what all it requires to own or drive a watercraft and what are the policies that you must undertake strictly for your own safety. Taking a boater education course will briefly explain to you all that you require. You must study for your own self and then you will have to attempt a final exam for boating.

You can take multiple tries at this exam until you pass the exam. On passing the exam, you will be declared as officially certified boaters, and within a few days, your Boaters education card or license will be handed over to you that will also serve as your official statement of becoming a boater. 

This license will be approved by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. MD online boating safety course is the easiest and quick to get through boating course that will provide you with adequate knowledge and help you clear your boating exam very easily. You should attempt this course to get certified quicker.

What Are The Age Requirements For Becoming Licensed In Maryland?

As per the Maryland Natural Resources Department, there are certain age groups that have been made eligible to drive a boat in Maryland. In the premises of Maryland, a person under the age of 12 years old is not allowed to operate any motor-powered vessel involved in towing. For the Private Watercraft (PWC) owners, the minimum age limit that can operate a boat is 16 years old.

Nevertheless, since October 1, 2010, it has been made obligatory that anyone driving a watercraft of 11 feet in length or bigger, at under the age of 16 years old without a valid license, must be supervised by an 18-year-old who holds a boater education card or by anyone who has a date of birth or before 1st July 1972.

Who Requires A Boating License?

Every individual that was born after 1st July 1972 is required to attempt and successfully pass a boater safety education course and possess a license certified by the Maryland Natural Resources Department. This license must be with the boater at all times that he operates a boat.

However, there are exceptions under the circumstances when it is not required for an individual to hold a license. That is if the boater is from out of state and has not been in Maryland for more than 90 days. An operator of 16 years or more who is from another state visiting Maryland for 60 days is also not required to hold a certificate.


The Maryland Natural Resources Department has made licensing and certification an obligation for the safety of its residents who drive watercraft. It is important for everyone to be licensed.



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