5 Family-Focused Experiential Travel Ideas

Traveling with the family is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences you can do together and bond over. Not only does it bring you closer to one another, but such trips also help you create memories together that can positively impact the kids and always stay with them as they grow older. This is why it’s becoming more popular for families to holiday together and set out on an out-of-town journey once in a while. It enriches everybody’s knowledge of the world around them and feeds your children’s natural curiosity.  

family activity ideas

If you are planning a trip for the first time and still a bit clueless about where you should take your family on your vacation, then here are some family-focused experiential travel ideas you might find helpful.

1) Live on a houseboat in the Netherlands.  

Thinking of a more down-to-earth experience with the kids? Take then to Authentic Houseboats Amsterdam where you can rent a family-friendly room with just everything you need to feel at home. There is a kitchen where you can cook the family’s favorite dishes and enjoy it together in a lake view. The kids won’t get bored as wifi is readily available, and you could bring them with you to famous museums like Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh, and Stedelijk to take their attention off their iPads and introduce them to art. 

2) Head over to the luxurious Chinese Fairytale Castle.  

If your idea of a holiday is a staycation in a fancy hotel with all the right kinds of pampering and a bit of extra glam for the daughters in the family, then you head over to this magical castle in Northern China. You will be vacationing in a 5-star Castle Hotel with all the kind of luxury surrounding you. Your girls would feel like little princesses in a real-life Disney castle and parents like you can enjoy the hotel luxury spa. 

3) Feed a red panda in San Francisco.   

Ever thought about an adorable close encounter with pandas? The San Francisco Zoo allows you to have a face to face with a panda, but not just a normal panda — a red panda. Red Pandas are a very rare type of panda that looks like both a raccoon and a skunk combined together. Adorable, right? But this zoo does not limit you to pandas alone. There are thousands of other animals in there you can visit and introduce your kids too, giving them a firsthand experience of the safari world. 

4) Immerse with a Kenyan Tribe.   

If you are tired of the usual hotel staycation and theme-park destination, then it’s time to take that day-tour in Africa where your family will get the chance to experience life in a village and immerse yourself in the daily life of local tribe members. Some of the common activities include shopping at the local market, digging into their medicinal garden, and learning how to do beading the Kenyan way.  

5) Send your kids to improvisation classes in Chicago.  

There are various camping activities for kids these days that sometimes, you just don’t know where to send them to. This comedy camp in Chicago lets your kids loosen up and put their energy into something more productive such as writing and learning stand-up comedy to stir up your kids’ creativity. 

6) Sunbathe in Thailand.  

And then, of course, there are the beaches that kids cannot resist. If you are up for a summery vacation drinking fruit shakes and getting a little tan, then go on book that flight in Southeast Asia. Make this typical beach trip a bit more exciting by adding in extra activities by taking a side trip to some of the famous kid destinations in Phuket.  

Whichever destination you decide to head to on that vacation trip, make sure that you plan accordingly and do your own research. More importantly, ask your family what they want to do. It is important that you make a decision together and ensure that you make the most out of your trip. Don’t forget to pack extra batteries for that camera. You wouldn’t want to miss taking snaps of those memorable moments with your family.