How to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends While You’re Travelling Around Europe

Even though you might be looking forward to being cut off from the real world for a bit while you’re travelling, the novelty may soon wear off. While you’re on your travels, it’s important that people can get in touch with you, and that you can get in touch with them.

Whether it’s a family member who needs to contact you in an emergency, or your bank needs to speak to you about your account, here are some simple ways to stay in touch with everyone back at home:

Mobile Phones and the Internet 

Thankfully, staying in touch with people all over the world has never been easier. With so many connected devices, you can send pictures, texts and emails at the touch of a button. Just make sure the device you’re taking with you is set up for roaming, or that you have a local SIM for the destination you’re travelling to.

A lot of places will also have Wi-Fi connections, too, which means you’ll be able to send your communications for free. However, always watch out for hotels or restaurants that offer you free Wi-Fi for a certain period of time before they start charging you. You’ll often find they work in 30-minute slots, so just be wary of the additional charges you may incur if you go over your allotted time.

It’s also worth downloading apps and tools that will enhance your travels. For example, Skype is great for keeping in touch with people, and will allow you to hold video calls with ease. Again, this will be free if you’re connected to a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Official Mail 

Although sending mail is a bit old school when you’re travelling, it may still come in very useful. If you’re going on holiday for quite some time, your family may need to send you important documents or additional accessories that you need for your journey. Companies like My parcel delivery allow you to send packages all over Europe for an affordable price, which is a huge benefit if you will need parcels sending to you while you’re away.

You might also want to post things back to your relatives in the U.K. For example, your Gran will probably appreciate a traditional postcard from the various destinations you’ve visited, and sometimes, you just can’t beat a handwritten letter!


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