Best Vermont Sightseeing Attractions Open in June

Spending time in Vermont means finding top sightseeing attractions during the summer months.

The average person will have a few options up their sleeve but it’s important to put together a full-fledged itinerary. In this regard, it’s time to look at the best Vermont sightseeing attractions that are open in June.


These attractions are adored by tourists and will become an immediate winner as soon as you take a look.

1) Hot Air Balloon Rides in Burlington

Let’s begin with something truly exceptional and well worth the trip over.

Tourists that want to see all of Vermont in one go will have to go on a hot air balloon ride. The view from up there is outstanding and the experience of being in a hot air balloon is something that will remain memorable for years to come.

People from all over New England come to Burlington for these rides and it’s something to put on your bucket list right away! These hot air balloon rides are fun, authentic, and unbelievably unique.

2) Moss Glen Falls

There is an earthy elegance associated with the trails in this part of Vermont. Being able to look at the wilderness and all of its natural beauty during the summer is simply matchless. There is a sense of serenity that is spread from one end to the other and it all leads to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in America.

It’s a view people remember when it comes to their trip to Vermont.

The setting is exhilarating whether it’s the natural greenery or the general hum of water splashing against the rocks. There is a vibrant feel to this part of Vermont that makes you want to stay for long periods.

Take in Moss Glen Falls because the area is magnificent from top to bottom.

3) Lake Champlain

The tranquil quiet of Lake Champlain is soothing to the body. Being able to get up close to the water while relaxing is something people crave while spending time in Vermont.

Lake Champlain has a fascinating view to it that rings true from one end to the other. Find a spot along the shoreline and watch as everything including your stresses go away.

For those looking to have fun at Lake Champlain, it’s easy to go hiking around the area or even join a round of golf nearby. There is something for everyone, which is why families tend to come over during the summer months.

4) Stowe Recreation Path

Spread along 5.3 miles of land, the Stowe Recreation Path is a biker’s dream come true.

Take the time to grab your bike and simply roam around the path because it’s a natural wonderland. There’s a delightful ambiance to this gorgeous area and all that comes along with it.

The trees and plants are in full flow during June making it twice as amazing to the naked eye. You can see wildlife roaming around the area and it truly adds to the overall experience.

This is a path that is well worth walking on because of the endless joys that come along with it.

5) Mount Mansfield

Noted as the tallest mountain in Vermont, Mount Mansfield is a staggering sight and it attracts people from all over America. Tourists enjoy hiking and/or climbing in the area because it is a unique experience.

Being able to enjoy everything about Mount Mansfield is what draws people in as they walk around taking a look at all that comes along with this magical place.

The area is refined, vibrant, and offers endless views once you start climbing. If the goal is to see Vermont from a different perspective than Mount Mansfield is a great option to keep in mind.

6) Church Street Marketplace

This beautiful marketplace in the heart of Burlington is an impressive sight for tourists. It has a wonderful array of historic and new-age stores lined from one end to the other.

Those looking to do a bit of shopping while walking through a wonderful outdoor area can make the most of this marketplace. It’s spectacular during the summer months as more and more people arrive to participate in the local festivities. In June, this becomes one of the more lively locations in all of Burlington.

Final Thoughts on Vermont Attractions

Vermont is a pleasure to spend time in as soon as the summer months roll around. Being able to enjoy some of the world’s finest sightseeing attractions in this part of the world is never a bad way to make the most of the warmest season. It’s all about taking the time to put together a proper itinerary and then having the time of your life.

Tourists that want to make the most of Vermont will want to have all of these attractions on their list right away. It’s well worth it!


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