The Best Tourist Spots In San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter 

If you’re headed to San Diego, you’ll need to check out the city’s famous Gaslamp Quarter. A bustling downtown neighborhood known for booming nightclubs, excellent restaurants, and exquisite shopping, this district is a must-see for anyone visiting San Diego. Here are a few of the best hot spots in the district.

Image credit: Steve Lathrop/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Oxford

One of the best and loveliest nightclubs in the Gaslamp District is The Oxford. With live musical performances and talented DJ services, and a dance floor that’s open all night long, the Oxford Social Club provides a unique party atmosphere.

The interior is tastefully decorated and features an extensive floor plan, meaning less cramping than traditional nightclubs, with a bit more class than your traditional bar. The club features a guest list, and if you want to get in, you can go to their website and reserve your spot ahead of time. Men and women are welcomed with free admission until 11 pm.

If you’re looking for a great San Diego nightclub, the Oxford is sure to provide you with a great club experience.


When you’re looking for progressive dining in the Gaslamp District, the first restaurant that comes to mind is The Parq. It’s an open-air dining experience, with an open patio and cleverly lit scenery such as trees and hedges. A truly unique dining experience with an extensive menu and reasonable prices.

The Parq features chef Marcus Twilegar, who churns out American cuisine with a great modern twist. The ambiance and tasteful menu provide the customer with a memorable experience.

Once you’re done eating, you can visit the 10,000 square foot nightclub by the same name. The club features the latest in audio and visual technology, and the largest HD LED wall on the west coast. This site is a definite must see for anyone visiting San Diego.

Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery

Open for over 19 years, the Michael J. Wolf fine art gallery continues to stun and awe its visitors with hundreds of fine arts pieces. The gallery features pieces from local, national, and international artists.

If you’re an art collector, or just appreciate the fine arts, the gallery boasts one of the finest art collections in California. It could definitely impress Charles Saatchi, and who knows? He might even have purchased some exquisite pieces from here. You can purchase art in person or even view the gallery via their website and have it shipped directly to you.

Cruises and Harbor Tours

Flagship cruises offer several nautical options for you sea lovers out there. Whether you want to cruise in style or take a tour of the beautiful San Diego harbor. The bay features beautiful blue waters with a stunning view of the surrounding countryside, and weather that’s almost always agreeable.

Have you ever seen a whale, or driven a speedboat? The Patriot Jet boat is a speedy craft that you can cruise the bay in, spotting the oceanic wildlife along the way. The San Diego Bay is home to many species of whale and other marine animals, including countless fish and crustaceans, whales and seals and sea lions. See for yourself with a luxurious cruise on a Flagship Cruise line.

Bubbles Boutique

Of course, no vacation would be complete without shopping for a souvenir, and when it comes to San Diego’s Gaslamp district, Bubbles Boutique has something special to offer the traveling tourist. Located in the heart of the district, this small and quiet shop offers fun and quirky items and clothing lines. It even features some clothing lines unique to the shop itself, making it a truly one of a kind experience.

The shop works with local artists and designers, featuring their work within and providing the customer with a locally sourced supply of beautiful designs. The store features clothing, shoes, jewelry, and even gift items, and sports an excellent reputation with hundreds of returning customers every year.

The Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House

For the museum fans, the Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House is a must-see attraction that features historical exhibits and tours. Located in the heart of the Gaslamp District, the museum is easily accessible and fits into a busy daily schedule.

The museum tour is $5 for a self-guided tour and $10 for an audio guided tour. Kids under 7 get free admission, and seniors can receive a discount on admission. If you’re interested in the history and culture of San Diego and the Gaslamp District, this museum should be on your list of sites to see.

American Comedy Company

The Gaslamp District only comedy club, American Comedy Company features live stand up acts nightly. The comedy club has an excellent reputation for providing quality comedic entertainment that will leave you laughing all the way home.

In addition to great comedy acts, the club has a cocktail and wine menu, an appetizer and main course menu, and even dessert.

Hard Rock Hotel

If you plan on staying in the Gaslamp District, there’s only one place that comes to mind: The Hard Rock Hotel. Located at the entrance of the Gaslamp District, this hotel features excellent service, a stunning view, and a central location to all the sights and shops that downtown has to offer.

The hotel features designs centered around a love for rock n’ roll, with stunning and spacious rooms and a staff that makes this hotel one of the most coveted in the San Diego area. The Hard Rock’s reputation is well earned and maintained, and sure to offer you a unique hotel experience.


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