5 Tips On How To Find The Best Rentals In Ocean City Fast

Ocean City is among New Jersey’s best places to be in the summer. It gives you quick access to the coast and is bustling with activities, restaurants, and places to visit, for a truly memorable vacation. 


Scouting for Rentals in NJ ocean city? Here are tips for finding the best one. 

  1. Rethink The “Full Ocean View” Feature 

Ocean City, being a coastal region of New Jersey, is an amazing spot to pick when wanting a rental that’s right by the ocean. But in terms of being wise about finding a rental that’s both excellent in location and in one’s budget, here’s a tip: a “full” ocean view isn’t always necessary. 

Unless, of course, that one’s a no-move on your checklist. If it isn’t, try “partial” ocean view locations. Another is to go a few blocks further inland. You’ll be surprised at how rates drop significantly by a mere few paces away from the coastline itself, and when the property doesn’t necessarily provide the fullest view of the Atlantic. 

  1. The Right Online Platform

A good online platform can get you your Ocean City rental in half the time than you would without consulting such mediums. You can browse through said Ocean City rental online platforms and narrow down your list by choosing that which are ideal for you and your family. 

All the better, you can reach out to online platforms’ customer support representatives and ask about specifics regarding location, accessibility, and other inquiries you may have before you set out for your vaca. 

  1. Budget 

This should be a primary consideration— your budget. Even if you feel as though you and your family were able to save enough to splurge for your holiday, stick to your budget. This isn’t just because being economical is smart when choosing rentals in NJ. It’s also about streamlining your search. 

Working through and within your budget will inevitably have you exclude properties that don’t make the cut. 

  1. No Scouting In Summer

Looking for a summer rental in Ocean City? Don’t do your hunting in summer. Peak seasons like this will have you see skyrocketing prices. The demand for said rentals during beach weather season increased, with many reaching at least 30 to 40% above their average on non-peak seasons. 

You can commence your research into the fall. That way, numbers will slump back down to their original and you’ll be face to face with better rates. 

Extra Tip: Make comparisons. Don’t immediately zero in on one property at the get-go. Do a search for similar property types within the same area the one you’re eyeing is in. Compare pricing, amenities, distance from the beach and to other business establishments (i.e. restaurants, groceries, gas station, pharmacy, etc.)

  1. Ask Questions Before Making The Booking 

Prepare your inquiries beforehand. Note that most renters may tell potential clients information based only on what clients ask them. So, don’t save yours for when you and your family are about to park the car and head inside the already-paid-for rental. 

Write them down. Ask the rest of your family members who’ll join you on the trip for their questions about the property as well. Then, contact your agent and have questions answered and clarified, before you make any sort of pre-booking or downpayment. 



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