5 Best Places for a Motorcycle Ride in the US

Something is exciting about traveling through unique places, tacky roads, challenging mountain pathways, and stunning meadows. You can enjoy it even more when traveling on a motorcycle with the sensation of wind running through your hair. The exciting road trips on motorcycles can become dangerous without motorcycle helmets. The road trips are charmingly beautiful when you travel through wonderful scenic places. The following are some best places in the US you can have a motorcycle road trip.

Blue Ridge Parkway
The parkway is the American National Parkway. It starts from Virginia and runs to North Carolina (Cherokee). You can appreciate nature’s beauty while riding a motorcycle on a road trip of 469 miles. There is a speed limit of 45 miles per hour for safety purposes. You would want to admire artistic landscapes. This non-stop motor road continues through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. This parkway offers a mesmerizing sunrise view. Therefore, it is worth visiting.

Deal’s Gap – Tail of the Dragon
The road, also known as Tail of the Dragon, is one of the most scenic pathways where the twists and turns through the thick woods take you out of this world’s hustle. There are a total of 318 curves on an 11 miles stretch of the road. The speed limit here is 30 miles per hour. The route starts from North Carolina, or the Tennessee border, and goes along the Great Smoky Mountain trail. It ends at Chilhowee lake in Tennessee. Overall, it is a gorgeous touring place, especially on an adventure motorcycle.

Going-to-the-Sun Road
The road is a spectacular touring place for a motorcycle ride. It is a great mountain road in the western US, Montana, among the Rocky Mountains. It starts from one end of Glacier National Park and stretches through 50 miles to the other end. The majestic mountains are real beauty appreciated by most motorists. You can enjoy the extended sights on the two-lane highway. The massive glaciers and lakes and alpine forests are worth appreciating. The speed limit, however, is 25-45 miles per hour.

Beartooth Highway
Beartooth Highway – the most breathtaking drive in America, is the entire elevated 67-mile route that contains a lot of enticing spots. Only the motorcycle rides have the feeling of taking off into the vast sky. This trial connects adventurous motorists and cyclists who are fond of such road trips. The wild Beartooth Highway starts from the Yellowstone National Park, and Stretch through Red Lodge, Montana, extends up to Wyoming. The speed limit is up to 35 miles per hour. It is best if you do not bring much weight with you on a motorcycle. Women can try lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets to enjoy the road-trip without worries.

Route 66 Highway
american road trip route 66
Route 66 is the United States’ one of the first routes for motorcycle tours. This historic route is a famous world-wide road for its Motorcycle tours. A motorcycle trip is a 15-day tour starting from Chicago and runs up to Santa Monica, California. The ride is a grand tour of 2400 miles where you can have at least two weeks’ vacation. This exciting road trip is a magnificent ride with a nice motorcycle ride. The eye capturing, heartwarming scenery is what makes this route enjoyable and spectacular.

The United States has the most beautiful, appreciating, worth-visiting touring places. Many different inspiring road trip routes are in the US, such as Death Valley, California, Grand Staircase, Utah, River Road, Texas, etc. However, the list mentioned above contains the most exciting and electrifying places for a road trip. A motorcycle ride is even more adventurous than any other ride on such pathways. The right type of motorcycle and nice motorcycle helmets can make the journey pleasant.


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