Enjoy the Beach in Bellevue at Meydenbauer Bay Park

A vacation is an adventure, and the best adventure lets you spend each day in an epic setting. If fresh air, ocean water, and aquatic activities sound appealing, you’ll enjoy a vacation in Bellevue, WA at Meydenbauer Bay Park, newly renovated and just re-opened this spring.

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Transportation Options 

During a beach vacation, you won’t need to travel frequently because you’ll stay outdoors throughout the afternoon. This is why public transportation is a practical way to get around Bellevue. Each day, you can go to Meydenbauer Bay Park by hopping on a bus and you can return to your hotel in the same manner. It’s easy to take an Uber or Lyft there, too. With on-site changing rooms and facilities, you can just go in the morning and plan to spend the day if you want. 

Downtown Bellevue Hotels 

Seattle Marriott Bellevue is positioned in a prime area, so it’s a great place for tourists. If you want to shop, visit theaters, and dine at some memorable restaurants after unwinding on the beach, this hotel will provide easy access to these attractions. You can bring pets to the Marriott because they’re allowed on the property.

The Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Seattle’s East Side is a great place for anyone who wants to visit the beach every day. Each time you step into your suite, the AC will be refreshing and you can unwind with free Wi-Fi. Whenever you’re hungry after returning from the beach, you can order room service or get a meal at nice on-site restaurant.

Meydenbauer Bay Park Details and Attractions

On a hot day, everyone can cool off in the swimming area on the beach at Meydenbauer Park. There is a swimming platform above the water that gives kids opportunities to jump into the water.

Near the swimming zone, you’ll find a 400-foot pier for pedestrians. If you just want to admire the scenery around Meydenbauer Bay, you can view the surroundings while standing on the walkway.

A short distance from the pier, there is a beach house. This structure has a changing room, restrooms, and more.

When you want to explore the water around Meydenbauer Bay Park, you’ll have access to various modes of transportation. You could drift around in a kayak or float on a paddle board. Canoes are also options. You can rent all of these items seasonally.

Bellevue Food

While visiting Meydenbauer Bay Park, you’ll want to eat and explore the environment. There are many great sandwich places where you can get something tasty without filling up too much to go swimming or stay active. If you want Japanese sandwiches, you can get them at Sandwich House TRES. If tasty comfort food with healthy flourishes sounds more appetizing, hit up Sugee’s Box Lunch Company.

Bellevue Drinks

Earls Kitchen and Bar is a very sleek spot where you can buy beer and a dine on a global dish. If you want to wow your taste buds with flavors that aren’t common in Bellevue, stop by this trendy destination.

If you take a trip to Bellevue, you can enjoy the beach in a variety of ways. However, before you rent one of the available marine accessories, set aside time for practice. Paddle boards, canoes, and kayaks have different stability levels, and the easiest way to maintain your balance is by practicing along the coast.