How to avoid scams when it comes to rent a villa

Are you interested in one of luxury villa rentals but don’t know how to rent it properly? Then this article is for you! Whether for a few days, a month or longer, the rental of a villa, a commercial space or an apartment must obey the same rules and the same administrative and legal procedures. In order to avoid some pitfalls when renting, you should always verify some documents related directly to the owner, since only he will authorize you through a contract, to occupy the property from him. If you go to an intermediary (never rent to someone who does not have a recognized office and even less traceability on the internet with photos, address and direct telephone number), he must necessarily have a contract that relates him to the owner of the real estate that want to rent.

A rental agency, for example, must without fail present the contract that relates it to the owner, as well as the property title where the name of the latter will appear. Request a certified copy, stamped and signed by the owner of the real estate agency, and if you have a doubt you have the right to contact the owner of the property you want to rent directly. If this property belongs to a company, it is possible to verify who the managers are thanks to a lawyer. Be careful with the speeches … “don’t worry … no problem … I’ve been working here for years” because when it comes to justifying some things with official documents and / or contracts, it is not necessary to talk too much.

Several cases have been reported of people who rented through a real estate agency or a rental website and overnight, owners who did not know anything came to occupy their property, which, of course, was not available.

You might need to ask yourself

Ask yourself: How do you go about renting an asset in your country? Well, here it is the same with the only difference that you must control everything. Always remember that the only important link is the one you have with the owner; the agency is just an unreliable middleman. Beyond said link and this intermediary, in case of problem only the rental contract can help you. Request stamped and signed original receipts for all payments and money transfers you make, in case you need to substantiate them. Renting a property can take time and cost a lot of money (plane tickets etc…) but tranquility is priceless and most of you, tourists and investors, do not come here to get into useless problems.

Request official contracts and verify the identity of your interlocutors on the internet and in front of the Embassy, for example. If you have questions, if you do not know who to turn to, if you have translation problems for some important documents, you need to consult an expert.

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