5 Places to Visit in Queensland

Queensland, being the “Sunshine State” is no doubt one of, if not the most, popular vacation spots. If you are looking to feast your eyes, your body, and even your soul on golden beaches, picture-perfect tropical islands, wonderful surf breaks, and even rainforests that made to the World Heritage list, then Queensland is your best bet as the next holiday destination. But nature wonders are not what Queensland is known only. it has a bustling art scene calling for tourists to explore as well. Check out these five spots to make your Queensland vacation the most worthwhile yet.

1. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

If you want to have an exhilarating outdoor adventure in Queensland and you are wondering what to choose among the many choices, choose the Great Barrier Reef. One will find it hard to deny its beauty and ecological magnificence. There is a reason why it is considered worthy of the World Heritage list of natural wonders. It is also the world’s largest living structure, so if you will have the chance to see it for yourself, then there should no more thinking twice about it. It’s so vast that it is even visible in space. Impressively, the park is said to be already half the size of Texas and the house of at least 3,000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, as well as 300 coral cays. Mangrove islands are also scattered around.

One can just imagine the kind of diversity to expect in this spot’s marine life. If you are a diver or a snorkeler, then this will be a treat. Just knowing it is possible to look at over 1,600 species of tropical fish here, sharks, dolphins, clams, dugongs and many more is enough to get you excited for sure. Underwater viewing stations, as well as glass bottom boats, make it possible to be up close and personal.

2. Fraser Island

If you’ll rather be on land or sand, then check out Fraser Island. This another World Heritage-listed spot is located between Bundaberg and Brisbane. Like the Great Barrier Reef, this is also a world’s biggest, this time a sand island. You can get into different four-wheel-drive adventures here, and check out the beaches, lakes, streams, forests, and rock formations. They are individually majestic. If you are up to it, you can even check out the sacred aboriginal sites. In this island, you can also find the famous Seventy-Five Mile Beach, home to the attractions Australia is known for – Maheno shipwreck, Champagne Pools, Eli Creek, as well as The Pinnacles, among others. Organized 4WD Fraser Island tours are offered here, just head to Hervey Bay.

3. The Gold Coast

If you want a mix of outdoors and city or a sense of Tropical Las Vegas, then the Gold Coast is your best bet. It has the essentials – sun, surf, and sand, and yet the glitters of city life – skyscrapers, malls, and of course, exciting crowds. There’s a reason why this is a tourist magnet. If you are traveling with kids, this is a nice option. There are some attractions that kids will love – the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and then there’s Movie World. Sea World too is a great place to introduce kids to some of the exquisite marine creatures the world has. Wilderness? Check! Urban attractions? Check!

4. Art Festivals

If you feel weirded out that included in this list is not a place, but an event, do not be. Art festivals, wherever they are held, are great places to experience Queensland’s art scene. Yearly, several festivals are held, showcasing Australia’s film, street art, cultural attractions, and literary treasures, among others. Check out the yearly Brisbane Festival if you want to experience loud, colorful art. This runs for a month straight, feature all sorts of theatrical productions, dance, music, and opera. If you want traditional art and cultural offerings, then check out Cully Fest Folk Festival.

5. Art Galleries

If you want to appreciate art on your own, or at least a slower pace than what you can experience in art festivals, check out the many art galleries in Queensland. The Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art houses a total of 17,000 art pieces. Certainly, your eyes can feast on this. Another is the Tosari Gallery. Located at Toowoomba, Queensland, what sets it apart from other art galleries is that it has a lot of aboriginal art. If you are looking to take home artwork with deep personality, this gallery is a great place to browse some works. What is nice with this gallery is that works of different local artists are featured here every month. Read this to know more more about Tosari Gallery.

If you have chosen Queensland to be your next destination to fall in love with and lost yourself in, then check out these five places to visit that are guaranteed to do just that. They are a mix of what you can see in the great outdoors and the small and quirky venues that shout and scream art, so you get the most of your visit.


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